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Franchise is the practice of using the brand, business of the model. The franchisor grants an independent operator the right to distribute its products, techniques, and trademarks for a percentage of gross monthly sales.

Benefits of franchise

The success of franchising as a business system can be attributed to several factors. The most obvious is the brand name. In today’s consumer market, brand names are worth a lot. Every year, billions of dollars are spent on advertising and marketing the brand name of companies. This is because a good brand name means consistency, quality and consumer trust. Also, more importantly it is the proven business system.

On the contrary, franchise business gives you the advantage of not having to reinvent the wheel when it comes to handling the various aspects of business right from marketing to human resource management, from accounting to distribution. A proven system enables you to avoid the traps or mistakes a new business makes

Yoga and Ayurveda industry

The yoga and Ayurveda industry is experiencing an increasing influence on the franchise trend over the past few years. The public health initiatives that always emphasize on remaining fit, fighting health issues like obesity, diabetes, have helped the franchise industry to proliferate across the world. People are getting more and more health-conscious. Yoga studio’s growing demographic has encouraged the proliferation of yoga fitness.

About company

Yog power international is a Health & Fitness organization with a unique touch of ancient path for fitness & cure. This is established & founded by Mrs. Prabha Yadav. Prabha holds my fill in yoga and has more than 15 years of expertise in various forms of Yoga. Currently it operates from 4 branches with a strength of 100 employees in Mumbai and till now has served 12000+ customers.

Yog power international also provides Yoga teachers training courses. More than 4000+ yoga practitioners benefitted with the TTC course, which is called learn and earn. People are still unaware of the actual health benefits of Yoga & Ayurveda because of unavailability of genuine experienced professionals. Our company brings genuine experienced professionals in Yoga & Ayurveda on one forum. Expert team will evaluate their expertise and choose the best one.

Dedicated customer care center & team will handle all customers & professional issues and concerns. If a customer is facing any issue, then we will get involved and make sure that customer gets what he was committed to. By using the website and system , customers will get the best results and they can select the center and best services. Comparative options, Offers and Rating will help them to evaluate the best suitable option with easy payment proceedings. Access of complete details of availed package through Web & Mobile application. Backup support and guidance available whenever required. We will help with marketing, get client leads, reference business, client management systems. Access of details of their clients availed package through Web & Mobile application. Financial details updates of income/transactions. Backup support and guidance.

  • Unprofessional trainers & Mismanagement in centers.
  • No proper IT infra & software for management.
  • No backup support in case required.
  • No proper communication & updates.
  • 40% outcome failure to customers.
  • No SOP for the operations system.
  • Data theft & client diversion by staff.

Highlights of our company

  • Customize CRM system with complete center management.
  • Certified and well experienced professionals.
  • Cost effective and Time bound results.
  • Yoga/Ayurvedic services and product trainings time to time 
  • benefits without any complications in future.
  • Extended backup support to customers, centers, professionals.
  • Deep knowledge and experience of product/Center Management.
  • Existing client database & known name in market.

After 15 years’ experience of yoga and centre management, the system is designed in a way which addresses and solves all issues, concerns of Clients, trainers, professionals and centres. Yog power’s international system is developed to give them a platform to be an entrepreneur and explore their expertise to benefit customers. There are no other players in the market who are offering services to customers, professionals and centres in one domain. Currently any big name available in the market are targeting to grow themselves and not thinking of growth of involved trainers & professionals. They do not extend/provide their system & support to small centres. Due to lack of smart systems & non experience most of the centres fail or do not make profit to sustain long.

Yog power’s international system is developed with high technology. So, this system is more reliable and the failure of the base is almost nil. The entire system is deployed on cloud which gives wings to it as the system uptime will be 99.99%, that is why performance optimization will be done in minutes whenever required. Enhanced data securities keep client’s data safe.

Periodic plan to customize the deliverables for best results.

Dedicated customer care centre team with Toll Free nos. will help all the people who have joined us. Also, separate teams will assist people who want to join our system or buy packages.

Specially designed programs for young professionals and customers.  So, it will help them to motivate and energise. 

  • All Trainers, professionals, Yoga/Ayurveda Centres on a single domain.
  • Dedicated digital platform for all individuals.
  • Centre management system with all features.
  • Support to centres with assistance and guidance.
  • Increase benefit with minimum expense and liabilities.
  • Providing support with a dedicated experienced customer care team will help customers whenever required and it will establish their trust in our product.  Extended support will be provided to clients to get the committed services. Experienced professional’s guidance benefits.

Periodic customization of the services with new updates in yoga and ayurveda. Teachers Training Courses. (TTC). Ayurveda & wellness products.

  • Encourage existing customer base to promote and offer them benefits on business.
  • Spending on digital platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and other successful forums) to promote and covert in business.
  • Free seminars, and promotional events.
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