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Whether you’re a regular netizen or not, you are probably still familiar with the ongoing latest fad of Zumba in the fitness industry that has become popular among people of all ages and genders. Zumba is an aerobic workout that aims at inculcating the various workout movements (with equipment’s) into dance steps sans the use of those equipment’s that are normally required. So, if you are looking out for a few Zumba Classes in Mumbai, then Yog Power international is your one stop destination for managing your fitness and assisting in maintaining your health.

Let’s learn about its accidental past, shall we?

The story behind this fun workout is just as unique, as it was founded by a Colombian dancer and choreographer Alberto Beto Pérez. In the year 1998 he forgot to bring regular music to his class. Upon discovering that he had cassette tapes of Latin dance music—salsa and merengue, he decided to dance on them and let his students move to the rhythm and beats of the music. Later on, he continued teaching this hybrid workout dance of his which today is popularly known and enjoyed as Zumba!

But why are people preferring Dance over traditional gym workout you ask? Well the reasons for it are pretty obvious and straight, let’s take a look at some of them;

But why are people preferring Dance over traditional gym workout you ask? Well the reasons for it are pretty obvious and straight, let’s take a look at some of them;

GYM, not everyone’s cup of Dalgona!

Spending an hour and a half at the local gym though may sound something worth sweating over, however not everyone especially millennials like holding to the rigid and forced excises, a voluntary change is always required and Zumba provides just that! Zumba Dances are open to variations and flexibility for both steps and music preferences.

It’s not just about the ‘CALORIES’

Though burning calories is a quintessential aim of Zumba, there are times when you don’t want to get rid of just that, at times it’s the excessive energy that’s awaiting to ooze out from your body and at times it’s also the worries, anxieties, stressful thoughts etc that need to escape your mind. And Zumba aids in doing all of it, in a single session itself. Studies have shown that practicing or engaging in Zumba workouts have shown enormous physical and psychological benefits to its practitioners.

TIME, Rules all the actions…

In today’s day and age and especially in Mumbai’s or metro cities busy city life, it’s almost impossible to set aside around 2 hours from your day to spend it in the gym. However, the same and in-fact even better results can be obtained in just half of the gym time by engaging in Dance workouts such as Zumba. It’s proved that a 40-minute Zumba session is alone capable of burning 370+calories. That’s estimated to be roughly 9.5+ calories per minute.

Fun activities are uplifting

Zumba workouts or dance workouts such as Zumba are truly fun and exciting. Not only are they beginner friendly, but they are also super flexible and can be performed in a facile way! An hour-long session of Zumba is proven to lift your mood and make you feel energised and yet calm and fresh.

Bravo! It also hones your social skills!

If you’re an introverted individual who sees Zumba as a fun way to maintain a good health, on a side note it’s giving you something more! Intentionally or unintentionally your engagement with your fellow Zumba mates is helping you sharpen your social skills a lot more than you could probably think of.

Zumba mates help you get better with your dance workouts.

Believe it or not you guys keep motivating each other to do better each day in order to reach your desired goal and destination! The weekly weight checks, the sharing of small joys, smiles, tips, experiences, do’s and don’ts actually turn out to be of great help in the long run! Plus, it’s always a pleasure to have friends who are on the same journey as yours!

There are various health benefits of Zumba, however this dance workout works as an absolute miracle in one’s life and the following reasons will prove why.

  • It’s a full body workout that helps in quickly and efficiently toning your muscles and your body.
  • Gives you a great fat and calorie blast.
  • It builds ones endurance and increases pain threshold.
  • It helps in maintaining ones cardiovascular health and lowers blood pressure.
  • It’s easily adaptable and enriches one’s quality of life.
  • A great stress buster, improves body and limbs coordination.
  • Makes you happy.
  • Increases metabolism
  • Hones your dance skills.

So Zumba alone is a multidimensional package of workout, stress buster, a new pickup hobby, health, socialising and a lot more! And guess what, You need not be good and graceful at dancing to take on Zumba! *(optional) Having done zumba myself, for around 4 months here at Yog power studio I’m astonished at the amazing results that I’ve received not only on the outside appearance but also in my immunity, metabolism and increased energy levels,ps. Not forgetting that it also added to my music taste and help me find some great zumba instructors and

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It’s not beneficial just for your body.

Various studies conducted have proven that zumba has additional psychological benefits as it promotes psychological well being, relieves stress, helps you keep yourself engaged for a good amount of time, alongside also improving your cognitive skills.

It has also shown a good, noticeable change in the hormonal profile and reproductive system especially in women and also helps in maintaining bone density and prevents osteoporosis in postmenopausal women.

Zumba workouts also greatly impact ones Geriatric health, endocrine system, Musculoskeletal System, Cardio-respiratory system, nervous system, BMI, BMR, Neurologists also chalk out its benefits ranging from improved memory to strengthened neural connections, perhaps this is the reason Zumba is widely celebrated also during World Mental Health Day. All these hence encapsulate to help defining Zumba as an effective and a therapeutic tool.
This dance workout has undergone several updates since its inception and has always received positive feedback for it.
A few examples of it can be Zumba kids, Zumba kids jr., Zumba sentao, Aqua Zumba,
Strong by Zumba was launched in 2016. This specially combines high
intensity interval training with Synced Music Motivation (Wikipedia: Zumba).
Zumba is known for reducing the risk for diabetes especially, type 2 diabetes

So now that you’ve learned about the astonishing benefits of Zumba, and are planning to take on some energetic Zumba sessions but in your mind, you’re battling with queries such as Where are Zumba classes offered near me? How affordable will the Zumba sessions pricing be? Where can I start my fitness journey with good zumba instructors? Which chain of fitness centre/academy can I trust? Where will I be guided professionally?, We ask you to worry not because the answer to all your queries is with YOG POWER INTERNATINAL .

It’s an established fitness centre catering to all your fitness needs.

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