Titli Yoga-Weight Loss Yoga

Titli Yoga-Weight Loss Yoga

Titily Yoga for Weight Loss

A new dynamic concept of weight loss Yoga
Titli Yoga is a new revolution in the world of weight loss yoga

Titli Yoga is a form of weight loss Yoga practiced and taught exclusively at Yog Power international. A Butterfly (Titli) is hardworking, colourful, high-flying, ever-positive and exciting. We, at Yog Power international, wish to make your life an emulation of a butterfly. We wish all the colour in your life accompanied by a positive attitude and sky-high dreams that you will achieve by working really hard, just the way a butterfly does! Titli Yoga is a very effective and beneficial form of weight loss Yoga that brings together the essence of traditional yoga, modern and various forms of yoga, pranayama, and meditation with music. Titli Yoga is a better option for people looking for weight loss yoga for beginners.

A fusion of all these compiled in one ideal yoga form helps individuals in dealing with stress, anxiety, health issues and fitness- all at once. Its main power lies in its pervasiveness that affects the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a human being. What this practice brings along is really something everyone looks forward to! It brings you inner joy and happiness, keeping you at peace even during the toughest times. It endows fundamental strength, sharpens your mind and enhances your cognitive process. Titli Yoga draws an air of positivity to all your actions, hence bolstering your self-confidence and belief. Most importantly, it reinforces a person’s stamina that acts like a base towards a healthier life. Yoga asanas for weight loss are beautifully adapted in Titli Yoga.

Weight Loss Yoga Titli Yoga

  • TITLY is a Unique Concept of YOGA /fitness, which is invented by Ms. Prabha Yadav (Founder of Yog power international)
  • Inspired by power yoga aerobics, Pilates and Hatha yoga.
  • Copyright: by yog power international.
  • Meaning of Titly: (Butterfly), It reflects colour, light, healthy, stress-free, joyful, unique, beautiful, giving refreshment, original, with a beautiful heart and enjoying in her own way. Titly gives us examples to be like her. 
  • Titly yoga includes different Basic/ Advance & Dynamic types of Asanas, Pranayama, Meditations, Kriyas, Banda’s, Etc. Which gives more Strength to our body?
  • Different types of Asanas help in gaining stamina, core muscle, digestion system & circulatory system for our physical health, excellent for Weight loss, Inch Loss & Body Toning for our better look. Titli is a specially curated weight loss yoga session.
  • Pranayama Meditation, Bandhas & Kriyas gives us mental & inner peace. It can help to connect to God or spiritual power.

Benefits of Titily yoga.


Titli Yoga ensures Happiness through the positive energy flown across your body while practicing this unique discipline. We take care of mental and emotional state of well being through yoga.


The constant practice of Hath Yoga makes your body fitter and helps you in gaining Strength. We make sure that our yoga posture gives strength to your body.


Usage of props enhance the effect of asanas, hence increasing your Stamina. Prop Yoga enhances the stamina of our body. A day with prop yoga will give you better stamina.


The fusion of all these with some soothing music gives every session unmatched Positivity. We do meditation to increase the positivity inside us.

Self Confidence

Devout meditation ensures that you strengthen your faith and have reinforced Self-confidence in your self. Yog Power makes sure that every yogi has 100% self confidence level in them.

Healthy Life

Finally, the regular practice of traditional Yoga makes sure that you have a happy and Healthy life. Ensure yourself to live a healthy life with us and yoga for the lifetime

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