Ashtanga Yoga TTC

Ashtanga Yoga TTC

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Meaning of Ashtanga Yoga is called ‘Eight Limb Yoga, Patanjali is the most famous and complete yoga system for all over the world. Maharishi Patanjali introduced this yoga text ‘Patanjali Yoga Sutra’ around 3000 years ago. If one follows all the eight limbs of yoga as mentioned by Patanjali, it will help them start seeing their spiritual & mental growth. Patanjali was well-versed in all the existing yoga styles and he saw a great confusion present all across the world, as all the principles of yoga were scattered in different books. Patanjali decided to bring them all together in a proper eight limbs mean” Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana Dayana, Samadhi.

Vinyasa can be defined as our external movements that are an expression of how we think and feel, Continuous, Integrated, Change, Rhythm, Evolve, Cycle, Connected Movement. Sequence of consciousness,’ or how life unfolds from…the creative pulse of life.”

This course focuses on the practice and teaching methodology of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. The Primary Series includes over asanas linked sequentially. This begins with detailed instruction of the Primary Series practice from beginner level to the complete series practice with Vinyasa series. Yog power international have best Ashtanga, vinyasa yoga teachers training course in Mumbai and all over India by online and offline classes.

  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series.
  • Sun salutations A.
  • Sun Salutations B.
  • Physiology for yoga.
  • Yoga Anatomy.
  • Types of Asanas series.
  • Standing poses.
  • Sitting poses.
  • Sequence of asanas.
  • Teaching methodology.
  • Total 60 asanas will be covered.
  • Yogic breathing practice (Pranayama).
  • Types of pranayama Techniques.
  • Kapalabhati, Bhastrika, Ujjayi pranayama
  •  Nadi Shodhana, Surya bhedi, Chanda bhedi Anuloma-Viloma
  •  Shithali, Shitkari, Bramari, Udgeet pranayama’s practice.


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  •  Types of Bandas.
  •  Types of Mudras.
  •   Types of kriyas.
  •   Yogic diet.
  •   Meditation’s technology.
  •   Meditation for stress management.
  •   The practice of meditation for self-realization.
  •   Yoga practice alignments and adjustments of the postures.
  •   3 months daily Yoga practice during the training.
  •   Case studies of injuries and how to solve the problems.


  • Viva.
  • Practical’s.
  • Written.
  • Project.

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