Corporate Yoga TTC

Corporate Yoga TTC

Best Corporate Yoga Teacher Training Course

Learn, Teach & Get Inspired.

The corporate yoga instructors training course is an incredibly effective program that teaches both classic and contemporary yoga approaches that benefit students’ careers. It will assist businesses and employees in building a solid foundation of discipline that fosters growth on all levels—physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual—while constructing a solid framework on which to confidently instruct others. Professionals in yoga also help to bring about world peace via them. a genuine interest in learning and receptivity to yoga practices. Every employee in an organization has a right to health and wellness at work, regardless of their position, title, degree of expertise, industry, size of company, or nation. Employers are under more and more pressure to provide for their employees’ needs.

Yog power International have corporate yoga teachers training course where include all there point so employs get benefits in their life as personally and professionally.

  • Duration -1 Months
  • 4 Week lectures
  • Venue: Offline /Live sessions on zoom
  • Weekend training (crash course week days)
  • 3 Hours weekdays exclusive training sessions with master teachers
  • The expert panel of teachers and masters will be available 24/7 for all queries and assistance.
  • Assignment, and self-practice
  • Yog power international, corporate Yoga Teacher’s Training course is now accessible
    online for the very first time owing to growing enthusiasm and interest among Yoga
    practitioners across the globe.
  • It is a great advantage to people all over the world who wish to be trained in yoga
Corporate Yoga

Outstanding Classes
We offer our clients a wide variety of yoga classes online / offline other than studios with certifications
Top Instructors
We have yoga trainer with multiple year of experience & expertise of Zumba training /Aerobics trainer /dietician
We have Seminar session about Yoga Asanas, Breathing techniques, Meditation, Ayurvedic Diet and Lifestyle topics.
We have Webinar session for Yoga Asanas, Breathing techniques, Meditation, Ayurvedically Diet and Lifestyle topics

Corporate Yoga Training


Learn, Teach & Get Inspired.
  • Personality development Activities
  • Learn how to take webinars and seminars
  • Practical’s :-
  • Netra yoga.
  • Mukha yoga
  • Desk yoga.
  • Chair yoga.
  • Office yoga
  • Laughter yoga.
  • Types of Mudra
  • Meditative techniques.
  • Understanding about breathing
  • Do and don’ts.

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